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pride pop up


When we originally began this eyewear rebellion, the idea was to bring glasses and services to the people. Our strategy was always mobile first, which would allow us to take the show on the road and be engaged in the community. Armed with our mobile devices, futuristic telemedicine technology, optical tools, and a sweet decked out bike carrying all the goods, we were ready to start our own version of a totally rad optical pop up shop.

However, as fate would have it, we were forced to shift this business idea into bringing everything in house and open the beautiful downtown location we have today. A decision that we couldn’t be more proud of, because here we are over a year later, and ready to kick this rebellion into full swing.

The Lumos team thrives on social interaction. We are a group of highly motivated individuals, who get the most pleasure out of making your buying experience more than just a window to shop. With our vast inventory of frames, we will help style you into more than just a look, whether that’s for form or function. We bring the tools and knowledge to make sure we are delivering you a quality product with guaranteed satisfaction. 

mini pop up


There are three elements we focus on for a successful optical pop-up shop. First, the SETUP being all the physical items we bring for a visually appealing layout of what we have to offer, both in products and services. Second, the MARKETING we put into building an audience and creating interest for us and/or the event we are participating in. Third, our ENGAGEMENT with people is where we shine the most. We are proud of our individual backgrounds and how that connects us to our customers and community. Most importantly, we like to have fun and if the pop-up is not fun, then you’re not doing it right!

Black Wall Street


Other than just being a brick and mortar type of business, we are creating a unique shopping experience with our pop ups that don’t feel corporate or dull. We are doing this by our own design, because being with the people is where we want to be and showing off what we do, is who we are.

Pop ups are cool and fun because they create a distinctive feeling of supporting a small and locally owned business. Small businesses are what drive our economy, which in turn means pop ups are economically viable. According to a 2018 survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 93 percent of business executives say their company prioritizes hosting events. And the retail pop-up market had an estimated value of $50 billion in 2016. 

So Lumos is offering our pop up shopping experience to other companies. You will find us as a vendor participating in various types of events, but we also want to build relationships and value business-to-business collaborations. That could be anything from an in-store mini pop up, to executing a large scale event complete with collaboration branded merchandise. The possibilities are endless, so contact us today and let’s see how we can help you!