Can I use my vision insurance when I buy from you?

Yes, absolutely! Lumos is an out-of-network provider with the major vision insurance companies. You simply submit your receipt to your vision insurance company and you'll be reimbursed according to the terms of your plan. Most importantly, we’re here to help you understand this process so that you can do it in a snap! 

Do you take VSP insurance? 

We're not in-network with VSP. However, it is super simple to apply for reimbursement on prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses after purchasing! We will help you every step of the way.  

To fill out the form at

1. Log in to to complete a claim form and submit it along with your itemized receipt to this address:

 Vision Service Plan

ATTN: Claims Department

P.O. Box 385018

Birmingham, AL 35238-5018

2. Submit your completed claim form (online or in the mail, depending on the instructions provided by your carrier) along with your itemized receipt which we will provide. Need another copy of your receipt, physical or digital? Give us a call and we will get it to you.  

3. Now the easiest part: If you have an eligible out-of-network benefit, you'll typically be fully or partially reimbursed within 2–3 weeks of submitting your claim (but that can vary depending on your carrier).

Are glasses FSA and HSA eligible?

Most definitely! If they have prescription lenses, you can use either your FSA or HSA to pay for your eyeglasses and sunglasses. In fact, but we think glasses are a great way to use your FSA or HSA. (Some plans even cover non-prescription sunglasses. Contact your provider for more information.)

So how do I buy glasses with my FSA/HSA funds at Lumos?

It’s easy! If you have an FSA or HSA card, simply use it to purchase with us and we’ll provide you with an itemized receipt via email so that you can submit accordingly. No FSA/HSA card? Just use your credit card like normal and get reimbursed from your FSA/HSA provider. Most will require you to submit a reimbursement form along with a receipt. We’ll include a receipt with your order!

Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare?

We are not Medicaid/Medicare providers. However, our pricing model makes it possible to afford glasses that you would otherwise be paying more out-of-pocket with these plans or other optical stores that limit your options.