About Us

Overpriced Glasses are Canceled!

Armed with the desire to provide our community with affordable eyewear, we gave ourselves a challenge: find a way to offer quality frames and lenses, rivaling the world's top brands, but for a fraction of the price.

What developed out of this passion was Lumos Optical. At its core, Lumos aims to address a simple problem: Glasses are just too expensive! You shouldn’t have to compromise when quality, convenience, and affordability are concerned.

To solve this problem, we chose to avoid the traditional markups associated with retail distribution by leveraging a direct-to-consumer model commonly used in Europe. Lumos works directly with frame and lens manufacturers to keep our prices affordable for you. We also dedicated efforts to build our own lens cutting facility. Our in-house lab provides us the opportunity to offer premium lenses complete with UV protection and anti-glare, at no additional cost to our customers. These upgrades alone can typically cost hundreds of extra dollars, but our model makes it possible to sell quality Lumos eyeglasses with all-inclusive pricing much lower than traditional retailers.

We are not alone in taking on the eyewear monopoly. However, we are the only independent, locally-owned Boise eyewear business that is getting glasses directly into your hands --without the middleman. 

As a company, we are inspired every day by the other independent brands in our city — each offering their own contribution to Boise. 

Lumos Optical would like to contribute to the causes we believe in, by creating community partnerships with local leaders and volunteers. Our mission is to give the spotlight to organizations and individuals that represent our values.  We will support them by sharing their stories and creating content that can be distributed through our social media networks in a collaborative effort.

Boise rocks and we are so happy to share our vision with such a vibrant community. We can’t wait for you to check us out! 

With Love, from your friendly neighborhood optical shop.


See you soon.




The Team

Our lead nationally accredited optician brings over eight years of experience in the optical world, from luxury high end retailers to other local chain operations, while the other co-founder has over ten years experience in administrative healthcare. The third founder has been at the forefront of the booming technological sector, having worked for some of the leading tech firms. 

Environmental Impact

We are proud to be an independent optical store in the Treasure Valley. Nestled in the downtown corridor of Boise, Idaho's Capital city, we have aligned ourselves with the mission set forth by the Boise City Counsel.


What that means to us, is that we have the opportunity to control and manage our environmental impact and carbon imprint.

We choose vendors that are transparent in their manufacturing process which allows us to vet them based on the highest standards. We also have an in-store recycling program for frames and lenses.

The focus of our environmental impact relates to: waste management, recycled materials, and education.

Social Impact

Our philosophy in how we conduct ourselves is a direct reflection of who we are as individuals. We come from diverse backgrounds and as such, our goal is to make the shop a safe place for everyone. Inclusion is about providing the highest quality service, no matter your race, ethnicity, country of origin, age, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

ALL are welcome and we gladly partner with organizations that espouse these ideals. As a locally owned business, we believe in having a shared responsibility within our community. Follow our blog for more insight on current projects and non-profit organizations we partner with.

Thank you Boise for being a community that we are proud to do business in and joining our rebellion!