Partner Spotlight Series

Partner Spotlight

Lumos Optical would like to contribute to the causes we believe in, by creating community partnerships with local leaders and volunteers. Our mission is to give the spotlight to organizations and individuals that represent our values.  We will support them by amplifying their stories and creating content that can be distributed through our social media networks in a collaborative effort. This may be a month long promotion to generate continued interest in a cause, to promote upcoming events, or to highlight a singular message or topic.

Such content may include:

  1. Photos
  2. Videos
  3. Social media posts
  4. Guest blog on our website
  5. Collection of donations/contributions
  6. Providing space for meetings (virtual or by social distancing in shop)
  7. Becoming a hub for merchandise/literature or other materials to sell/distribute

For consideration or nomination to be part of our spotlight series, send us information on the organization or individual(s), an upcoming event or fundraiser, your role or affiliation, and a brief description on how this contributes to our community.